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Courts-Martial come in three different forms, General Courts-Martial, Special Courts-Martial, and Summary Courts-Martial, and each one is unique. We are highly experienced and will provide you with exceptional and aggressive representation throughout the entire Courts-Martial process. If you believe you are in danger of being faced with a Court-Martial, it is imperative that you seek sound legal advice from an attorney familiar with military law immediately in order to ensure that you do not inadvertently make the case against you stronger.

General Courts-Martial

​Typically used by commands for the most serious alleged crimes and frequently compared to felony charges in civilian law. Servicemembers charged in General Courts-Martial face up to the statutory penalty for the offense/offenses they are charged with. In some cases, this includes life in prison and even death.  General Courts-Martial are convened by General Courts-Martial Convening Authorities, many times Commanding Generals. Prior to convening a General Court-Martial, an Article 32 Hearing is required (see below for more information regarding Article 32 Hearings). We have represented numerous clients in the most serious of circumstances.

Special Courts-Martial

Typically used by commands what they view as less serious alleged crimes and frequently compared to misdemeanor charges in civilian. Do not, however, think that the penalty for these offenses is light. If convicted, a servicemember faces up to a year in confinement, forfeitures of 2/3 pay for one year, a fine, reduction to E-1, and a Bad Conduct Discharge, which typically results in a loss of most benefits you have worked hard to earn. We are here to ensure your rights and benefits earned as a member of the military are aggressively protected.