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Courts-Martial come in three different forms, General Courts-Martial, Special Courts-Martial, and Summary Courts-Martial, and each one is unique. Krystal Capasso Law’s attorneys are highly experienced and will provide you with exceptional and aggressive representation throughout the entire Courts-Martial process. If you believe you are in danger of being...
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A conviction at a court-martial is only the first step in the pursuit of justice. Our firm offers expert representation through the drafting of appeals and arguing on your behalf before the various appellate courts. Additionally, at Krystal R. Capasso Law, we are experienced in drafting and arguing writs of...
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Administrative Separations and Boards of Inquiry

Although called “administrative” in nature, separations boards, including Boards of Inquiry for Officers, are in reality quite punitive, and carry penalties which can have a profound effect on the rest of servicemembers’ lives. At these hearings, servicemembers face the possibility of being kicked out of...
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Military Discharge Upgrades and Records Corrections

Just as where a court-martial conviction is not the end of the road in the pursuit of a just outcome in military law, so too is the case with an unfavorable result at an Administrative Discharge or Board of Inquiry. Every branch has a process in place to request...
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Performance Evaluations

Serving in the military can be a highly stressful job. Not only do you face the dangers to your health and safety while forward deployed, but you also face constant dangers to your career while in garrison. While some of this is covered in the Discharge Upgrades...
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Article 32 Hearings

Prior to convening a General Court-Martial, an Article 32 UCMJ hearing must be conducted.  An Officer, typically a lawyer, will be appointed by as the Article 32 officer and his/her job is to determine the form and legal sufficiency of the charges, and to recommend a forum (General Court-Martial, Special Court-Martial, Summary...
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